Editorial Policy

The vision of the journal is to be recognized as the number one journal in the world for the understanding of the pathophysiology, diagnosis, treatment and care of heart failure patients with the intent to improve our understanding of the disease, clinical trials, clinical outcomes, and advances in therapies through scientific communication. In addition, we aim to advance the mission of the American College of Cardiology and the JACC family of journals

The JACC HF topics of interest are numerous but will be predominantly focused on human heart failure. There is a particular interest in scientific communications around heart failure clinical trials, Phases I-IV and heart failure registries, including methodology and design papers.

Personalized medicine in the field of heart failure is advancing quickly and, thus, the area of pharmacogenetics, biomarkers and metabolomics will be of particular interest to the journal. We also believe that interdisciplinary relationships with neuroscience, pulmonary medicine, nephrology, electrophysiology and surgery as they relate to heart failure will be of particular interest.

JACC HF will also be a repository for think tanks and workshops that are conducted at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, the Food and Drug Administration, CMS, and the Veterans Administration Health System and Cooperative Studies Programs.

We believe that by building a team of scholars, we will encourage and enhance the reporting of information and knowledge in a timely fashion that is of the highest quality and through this forum of communication will result in the improvement of heart failure care. Given the burden of the disease, we believe there is a significant opportunity for this new journal that will help with the understanding of the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart failure.