Table 4

Patient Opinions Regarding LVAD and Life-Sustaining Therapies Among Physician-Perceived High-Risk Patients

Patient Survey Question at Time of EnrollmentAffirmative Response Among Physician-Identified High-Risk Patients
What is your best estimate of how much longer you have to live?
 Less than 1 yr21
 Between 2 and 5 yrs22
 More than 5 yrs42
 Don’t know15
I have a designated health care proxy or power of attorney51
I have talked to my physician about life-sustaining therapies37
How would you feel about having an LVAD placed?
 I would want or consider a LVAD77
 I would refuse a LVAD23
Opinions about life-sustaining therapies among patients who would consider an LVAD
I would want any and all life-sustaining therapies available.54
I would NOT want the following life-sustaining therapies:
 Do not want: chest compressions33
 Do not want: breathing machine52
 Do not want: kidney dialysis46
 Do not want: transfer to intensive care unit15
 Do not want: feeding tube if unable to eat63

Values are %.