Table 2

Description of the Studies Included in the Meta-Analysis

First Author, Year (Ref. #)Type of StudynPopulation Considered for Meta-AnalysisMean Age (yrs)Mean LVEF (%)LGE-PositiveMethod for Evaluation of LGEMedian Follow-Up DurationArrhythmic Endpoints Evaluated
Wu, 2008 (18)Prospective cohort, consecutive pts65DCM
Primary prevention ICD
552424 (42%)Visual analysis17 monthsSCD, ICD therapies
Yokokawa, 2009 (20)Cohort of consecutive pts29DCM Admitted for HF, CRT, or VT652418 (62%)Intensity >6 SDs of normal myocardiumVT
Kono, 2010 (19)Observational cohort study32DCM
612818 (56%)Intensity >2 SDs of normal myocardium31 months (mean)SCD, VT, VF
Looi, 2010 (21)Prospective cohort103DCM583231 (30%)Visual analysis660 days (mean)SCD, VA
Iles, 2011 (22)Prospective cohort61DCM
Primary prevention ICD
542531 (52%)Intensity >2 SDs of normal myocardium573 daysICD therapies
Fernández-Armenta, 2012 (23)Prospective cohort, consecutive pts37DCM, primary prevention CRT-D642215 (41%)Intensity >2 SDs of normal myocardium25 monthsICD therapies
Klem, 2012 (24)Prospective study64DCM524137 (58%)Visual analysis24 monthsSCD, ICD therapies
Leyva, 2012 (25)Observational cohort97DCM with CRT662220 (21%)Visual analysis1,038 daysSCD, secondary prevention CRT-D
Masci, 2012 (26)Prospective cohort125DCM, LVEF<50%, NYHA class I–II583450 (40%)Visual analysis14 monthsSCD
Gulati, 2013 (15)Prospective cohort, consecutive pts472DCM
Absence of subendocardial LGE
5137142 (30%)Visual analysis5.3 yrsSCD, ICD therapies, VF or VT
Müller, 2013 (27)Observational cohort167Recent onset HF, DCM including myocarditis514385 (51%)Visual analysis21 monthsrCA, VT, ICD therapies
Neilan, 2013 (28)Prospective cohort, consecutive pts162DCM
Primary prevention ICD
552681 (50%)Visual analysis26 monthsSCD, ICD therapies
Šramko, 2013 (29)Cohort of consecutive pts42DCM, LVEF <45%, HF symptoms <6 mo442228 (67%)Visual analysis25 monthsSCD, VT, ICD therapies
Yoshida, 2013 (30)Retrospective cohort of consecutive pts50DCM, LVEF <45%572521 (42%)Visual analysis33 monthsVT, ICD therapies
Almehmadi, 2014 (16)Cohort of consecutive pts169DCM, LVEF ≤55%6233107 (63%)Intensity >5 SDs of normal myocardium467 daysSCA, ICD therapies
Hasselberg, 2014 (31)Cohort of consecutive pts13DCM, mutations in lamin A/C52324 (31%)Visual analysis29 monthsSCD, VT, ICD therapies
Machii, 2014 (32)Retrospective cohort, multicenter72DCM, LVEF<45%642548 (67%)Intensity >3 SDs of normal myocardium36 months (mean)SCD, VT
Masci, 2014 (33)Prospective cohort, consecutive pts228DCM, no history of HF504361 (28%)Visual analysis23 monthsSCD, VT, VF, ICD therapies
Mordi, 2014 (34)Prospective cohort, consecutive pts96DCM, primary prevention ICD462724 (25%)Intensity >5 SDs of normal myocardium915 daysICD therapies
Nabeta, 2014 (35)Observational cohort75DCM, LVEF <45%563036 (48%)Visual analysis326 daysSustained ventricular arrhythmias
Perazzolo Marra, 2014 (36)Cohort of consecutive pts137DCM, LVEF <50%493676 (55%)Visual analysis3 yrsSCD, VT, VF, ICD therapies
Rodríguez-Capitán, 2014 (37)Retrospective cohort of consecutive pts18DCM562923 (36%)Visual analysis32 monthsICD therapies
Yamada, 2014 (38)Cohort of consecutive pts57DCM, LVEF <50%553325 (44%)Visual analysis71 monthsVT, VF
Amzulescu, 2015 (39)Prospective cohort, consecutive pts162DCM, LVEF <40%552563 (39%)Visual analysis3.4 yrsSCD, VT, VF, ICD therapies
Barison, 2015 (40)Prospective cohort89DCM594139 (44%)Visual analysis24 monthsSCD, sustained VA
Buss, 2015 (41)Prospective cohort, consecutive pts23DCM, LVEF ≤50%, NYHA class ≤III, ICD implanted523612 (52%)Visual analysis5.3 yrsICD therapies
Chimura, 2015 (17)Retrospective study175DCM, LVEF <35%, NYHA class II–III6029122 (70%)Visual analysis5.1 yrs (mean)SCD, VT, VF, ICD therapies
Piers, 2015 (42)Cohort of consecutive pts87DCM
Primary or secondary prevention ICD
562955 (63%)≥35% of maximal myocardial signal intensity45 monthsICD therapies, aborted SCD
Tachi, 2015 (43)Cohort of consecutive pts41DCM602021 (51%)Visual analysisVT

CRT = cardiac resynchronization therapy; CRT-D = cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator; DCM = dilated cardiomyopathy; HF = heart failure; ICD = implantable cardioverter-defibrillator; LGE = late gadolinium enhancement; LVEF = left ventricular ejection fraction; NYHA = New York Heart Association; pt = patient; rCA = resuscitated cardiac arrest; SCD = sudden cardiac death; VA = ventricular arrhythmias; VF = ventricular fibrillation; VT = ventricular tachycardia.

  • The population considered for this meta-analysis is a part of the total population of the original study.

  • Data derived from the entire population of the original study.