Table 1

Study Characteristics for Diagnosis of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Using NT-proBNP

First Author, Year (Ref. #)SettingSampleNNo. of ADHF (%)MenAge (yrs)QualityRenal ExclusionAssayRenal Function Estimate
Anwaruddin, 2006 (Online Ref. 1)ERSOB599209 (35)5762GoodsCr >2.5RocheMDRD
Chenevier-Gobeaux, 2005 (Online Ref. 2)ERSOB381115 (30)NR79GoodNRRocheMDRD
Colak, 2014 (Online Ref. 3)ERSOB132NR5273ModNoneSiemensMDRD
Coquet, 2008 (Online Ref. 4)InptICU198102 (52)6667GoodESRDRocheMDRD
DeFilippi, 2007 (Online Ref. 5)ERSOB831437 (53)4666GoodNoneRocheMDRD
Fu, 2013 (Online Ref. 6)InptCAD999306 (31)9186ModNoneSiemensMDRD
Gorrison, 2007 (Online Ref. 7)ERSOB8040 (50)5474GoodNoneRocheMDRD
Lefebvre, 2008 (Online Ref. 8)InptICU10016 (16)5953ModNRDade BehringsCr
Park, 2010 (Online Ref. 9)ERSOB967100 (10)5462ModNRRocheCG

CAD = coronary artery disease; CG = Cockcroft-Gault; ER = emergency room; ESRD = end-stage renal disease; ICU = intensive care unit; Inpt = inpatient; MDRD = Modified Diet in Renal Disease; Mod = moderate; NR = not reported; sCr = serum creatinine (mg/dl); SOB = shortness of breath.

  • References located in the Online Appendix.

  • Quality assessed by QUADRAS criteria (16).