Table 4

Validation of Noninvasive Hemodynamic Measurements in the HeartMate II

Echocardiographic ParameterInvasive ParameterPatients With Adequate Image, n (%)rp ValueRef. #
RAP, mm HgRAP25 (81)0.863<0.0001(46)
sPAP, mm HgsPAP23 (74)0.880<0.0001(46)
PVR, WUPVR27 (67.5)0.6430.001(46)
RVOT SV, mlSVNR0.660<0.0001(46)
S′, cm/sCO12 (100)0.41NR(36)
LAP, mm HgPCWP8 (100)0.740.03(45)
PCWP20 (65)0.6570.003(46)
LAVi, ml/m2§PCWP36 (90)0.4880.003(46)
LVEDD, cmPCWP40 (100)0.2810.083(46)
DT, msPCWP32 (80)−0.3090.085(46)
E, cm/sPCWP35 (95)0.3090.051(46)
A, cm/sPCWP30 (75)−0.4140.023(46)
E/APCWP30 (75)0.4810.007(46)
e′, cm/sPCWP35 (95)−0.1440.417(46)
E/e′PCWP33 (82.5)0.3470.057(46)
dPAP12 (100)0.39NR(36)

A = mitral inflow late diastolic filling velocity; CO = cardiac output; dPAP = diastolic pulmonary artery pressure; DT = mitral inflow deceleration time; E = mitral inflow early diastolic peak filling velocity; e′ = average early diastolic mitral annular velocity; LAP = estimated left atrial pressure; LAVi = left atrial volume index; LVEDD = left ventricular end-diastolic dimension; NR = not reported; PCWP = pulmonary capillary wedge pressure; PVR = pulmonary vascular resistance; RAP = mean right atrial pressure; RVOT = right ventricular outflow tract; S′ = peak systolic mitral annular velocity; sPAP = systolic pulmonary artery pressure; SV = stroke volume.

  • RAP was estimated via inferior vena cava diameter and variation with respiration.

  • Echocardiographic PVR in Wood units (WU) was calculated as the ratio of peak tricuspid regurgitation velocity (m/s) to the right ventricular outflow tract time–velocity integral (cm) × 10 + 0.16. Invasive PVR was calculated as transpulmonary gradient (mm Hg) divided by cardiac output (thermodilution method; l/min).

  • LAP was estimated as RAP + 5 (for diastolic interatrial septal position to the right), RAP − 5 (for diastolic interatrial septal position to the left), or equal to RAP (for midline diastolic interatrial septal position).

  • § LAVi was calculated using the biplane method of disks indexed to body surface area.