Table 4

Multivariable Analysis of MACE in Women With CDM

FactorOR (95% CI)
CDM type (ref. hypertrophic)
 Peripartum CDM2.22 (1.07–4.55)
 Other CDM1.85 (0.88–3.85)
Cesarean delivery1.52 (1.22–1.89)
Postpartum hemorrhage1.57 (1.01–2.45)
Pre-eclampsia status (ref. normal)
 Eclampsia5.03 (1.60–15.79)
 Severe pre-eclampsia1.84 (1.31–2.58)
 Mild pre-eclampsia1.19 (0.78–1.81)
 Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia with pre-existing HTN1.62 (1.09–2.40)
Valvular disease2.11 (1.56–2.90)
 Mitral valve disease2.24 (1.60–3.12)
 Tricuspid valve disease2.71 (1.39–5.27)
Age (units = 5 years)
 Medicaid1.15 (1.02–1.29)
 Medicare2.09 (1.19–3.66)
 Other insurance0.88 (0.63–1.22)
 Private including HMO1.04 (0.91–1.19)
Teaching hospital (ref. yes vs. no with specified race)
 White0.95 (0.69–1.29)
 Black0.60 (0.39–0.94)
 Hispanic0.43 (0.23–0.79)
 Asian0.95 (0.27–3.34)
 Other race2.63 (0.82–8.41)
Race (ref. white at non-teaching hospital)
 Black1.61 (1.02–2.56)
 Hispanic2.30 (1.31–4.04)
 Asian0.59 (0.22–1.58)
 Other race0.42 (0.15–1.20)
Race (ref. white at teaching hospital)
 Black1.03 (0.77–1.39)
 Hispanic1.04 (0.69–1.56)
 Asian0.59 (0.25–1.38)
 Other race1.16 (0.65–2.08)
Insurance (ref. private including HMO at age 29.65 years)
 Medicare0.95 (0.51–1.77)
 Medicaid1.35 (1.06–1.72)
 Other insurance1.39 (0.89–2.16)

CDM = cardiomyopathy; HMO = health maintenance organization; MACE = major adverse cardiac events; other abbreviations as in Table 3.

  • Factors (e.g., hospital region) are delineated by specific effects (e.g., Midwest, South, and West) as listed in the table, or otherwise, if not listed, the effect on the factor is yes vs. no. The multivariable logistic regression model for patients with CDM was performed in which all factors had a p value <0.1 in univariate models and their 2-way interaction terms were taken into account.