Table 2

Baseline and Follow-Up (48- to 72-h) Cystatin C levels and Intermediate- and Long-Term Outcomes

EndpointUnadjustedAdjusted Model 1Adjusted Model 2
OR/HRp ValueOR/HRp ValueOR/HRp Value
Baseline Cystatin C
 Death at 30 days2.46<
 Death/recurrent hospital stay at 30 days1.61<0.011.74<0.010.810.49
 Death at 180 days2.07<0.011.70<0.010.860.59
 Improved dyspnea at 6 h0.860.260.960.840.980.93
 Improved dyspnea at 24 h0.700.030.720.160.770.40
 Death or worsening heart failure prior to discharge2.09<0.012.28<
 Length of stay0.74<0.010.75<0.010.850.10
 Length of stay (high vs. low)1.88<0.011.86<0.011.450.08
Follow-up (48- to 72-h) Cystatin C
 Death at 30 days2.63<0.012.910.132.250.26
 Death/recurrent hospital stay at 30 days1.65<0.011.310.451.270.53
 Death at 180 days2.07<0.011.370.331.300.43
 Length of stay0.81<
 Length of stay (high vs. low)1.63<0.010.930.791.000.99

ASCEND-HF = Acute Study of Clinical Effectiveness of Nesiritide in Decompensated Heart Failure; BUN = blood urea nitrogen; HR = hazard ratio; OR = odds ratio.

  • Adjusted model 1 = covariates derived from overall ASCEND-HF population excluding BUN and creatinine.

  • Adjusted model 2 = covariates derived from overall ASCEND-HF population including BUN and creatinine.

  • For length of stay, numerically lower hazard ratio equates to high risk for increased length of stay.